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Additional services

The hotel offers a 24-hour NugaBest massage bed.

№ Description Session cost

1 Massage bed NugaBest 40 min. 250t

2 Tourist belt Miracle II 40 min. 150 tenge.

3 Projector NM-300 40 min. Included in the price of a massage bed.

For questions about  services, please call:


(Whatsap) +7 (771) 335 39 32; +7 7262 452552


What is NugaBest massage bed?

This device is a thermo-therapeutic massager-stimulator, which is produced in South Korea. In its work, methods of warming up, point massage and reflex-therapy are used, thereby reducing the neuromuscular tension. Great importance in this apparatus is attached to stone therapy, and specifically to the use in procedures of nephrite and tourmaline ceramics.

All this in combination leads to a state of harmony in the work of all internal organs, thanks to which the mechanisms of self-healing and self-regulation are launched.


Manual therapy:

Deep relaxing massage

Spinal traction

Acupressure effect (pressure on biologically active points)


Tourmaline belt MiracleII

85 percent of women know what is cellulite, not by hearsay. Of course, many of them at first tried to get rid of the notorious “orange peel” on the hips, visiting the fitness center. However, the efforts were in vain. Do not despair – get rid of cellulite will help the belt-miostimulator Miracle II.


The low-frequency belt fights against cellulite and excess weight with the help of tourmaline ceramics, which emits long-wavelength infrared rays. Myostimulator Miracle II also strengthens muscles and tightens the skin due to low frequency current.


The belt stimulates the work of the gastrointestinal tract, removes muscle spasms, removes puffiness, numbness of the limbs and joint pain

Projector NM-300

Blood can perform its important functions only while in constant motion. The NM-300 projector with 9 tourmaline ceramic shades was created specifically to improve blood circulation.

Wellness properties oftourmalineare unique. When heated, this material becomes a source of bio resonant infrared heat and magneto therapy. Wit

With the help of the projector it is convenient to warm up the liver, do stretching of the spine, cauterizebiologically active points of the back by the method of moxibustion.

Regular use of a 9-ball massager improves blood circulation (especially in problem organs and tissues), normalizes metabolism, has a beneficial effect on the spine, liver, vessels and joints; NM-300 is effective for problems with bronchial tubes and  is used for colds also

      Projected NM300