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Taraz yesterday and today

Taraz is the most ancient city of Kazakhstan, the city of 2010 years. One of the major cities of Kazakhstan with a population of 352 536 thousand people. After the cities of Almaty, Astana, Shymkent, Karaganda.

City center

The central square “Dostyk” (in the Soviet years of Lenin.)

“Zhambyl” drama theatre

Akimat (administration) of Zhambyl region

Alley of “Love”

Taraz railway station

Hotel “Zhambyl”

Taraz State University

Old residential building in the center of Taraz with St. Petersburg architecture

Cinema “Kazakhstan”, now an entertainment complex

Avenue Tole Bi

Some more photos of the city

Akimat at night

Theater at night

Hotel “Zhambyl” at night

The monument to Baidibek batyr in Dostyk square

Urban akimat of Taraz

The central mosque of the city “Hibattulla Al-Tarazi

Mosque at night

Central Concert Hall “Balasagun”

Presidential Park