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The places worth to visit

Ancient Taraz:

This was Taraz 2000 years ago. Now the ancient city is under the “green bazaar”, the city authorities have moved the market to the outskirts of the city since 2012, excavations of the ancient city began in 2012, by 2014 there will be a tourist center with 5 * hotels, restaurants, a museum and a shopping and educational complex.

Mausoleum of Tekturmas

Mausoleum of Karakhan (Aulie-ata) The building was erected during the Karakhanid era in the 11th century.Once the city bore the name of Karahan – Auliy-ata, in 1997 the city with Dzhambul was renamed Taraz. According to a legend, in the mausoleum of Karakhan lies the remains of one of the founders of the powerful dynasty of the Middle Ages – the Karakhanids, who subjugated the vast territories of the south of Kazakhstan and neighboring states.

Medieval mosque.The most ancient in Kazakhstan. The main hall of the mosque of the 10th-12th centuries after restoration works again, after centuries, meets in its silence the believers.

Mausoleum of AishaBibi. About the construction of the mausoleum the reliable information has not remained. However, there is a Kazakh legend about Aishabibi’s love for his fiancé. There are 28 different versions of this legend. According to the most common Aishabibi was the daughter of the well-known scientist and poet of the 11th century Hakim Suleiman Bakergani. After his death, she was brought up by rich man Aikozha. Once the ruler of Taraz Karakhan Muhammad (after whom the mausoleum of Karakhan was erected in Taraz) asked for her hand, but her tutor did not give consent. Without the consent her parents, Aisha bibi went to Taraz to her love. Unfortunately, her fiancé has never been able to see her more, since she died on the banks of the Asa River from the bite of a snake, hiding in a headdress. Mourned at the death of the girl, Karahan erected a mausoleum of fairy beauty to revenge her death.

Fellow of Aishabibi, Babaja hatun became the keeper of the mausoleum, and after her death was buried 20 meters from Aishabibi in the mausoleum of Babaja hatun. (on right)

БабаджаХатун. (на каз. БабаджаҚатын)

The walls of the mausoleum. Taraz as it is distinguished by patterns, architecture, history from other cities of Kazakhstan. Taraz is a mixture of East and West, but more of East … Taraz for Kazakhstan is like Samarkand for Uzbekistan, I hope you understood me …

Восточная баня Кали – Юнуса, конец ХІХ в.